Bronx Rentals: Options to Consider

Looking for a reliable apartment isn’t easy. Often times, you are left with no options at all. Lousy service or the fact that it is far from any public facilities and means of transportation will only add to your frustration. However, not all apartments are that lousy. Some, in fact, are built and designed with the best features and services only. If you know where to look, you should be able to find an apartment with appealing features and facilities, just like the one at the Bronx apartment.

The Surrounding

Why should you choose this one, anyway? Well, for a starter, you can expect a lush and green surrounding with good privacy and reliable service. Expect flower gardens, tall trees with shades, and shrubs if you choose to live here. Not to mention that there are a lot of supermarket and stores nearby, such as Zaro’s, Starbucks, and Applebees. You don’t have to walk or travel far to buy your needs.

The Options

There are various options to make from the Contemporary Style and the Premier Collection.

  • The Contemporary Style has various options of one, two, and three bedrooms apartment
  • The Premier Collection only has one and two bedroom options. Most people would say that the Premier Collection is more exclusive and elegant but I would say that they are all the same.

They have the best features and facilities. The rooms are all well-lit and everything is roomy.

The one bedroom apartment in Premier Collection would be enough if you are single and you want to enjoy life without compromising comfort and quality. All the apartments are well furnished and equipped. The modern air and the contemporary flair will welcome you every time you come home from work. Really, life can’t be more enjoyable and fun!

The two bedrooms apartment from the Premier Collection is just similar to the one bedroom style, only with more bedrooms. They all have a good living system and entertainment features that would pamper you. The overall design is modern with top luxury materials, such as stainless steel sink, granite counters, microwave, and others. For the two bedroom options, you can enjoy the spacious 832 feet with rent starting from $1,700.

You can also take a pick from the Contemporary Collection list. If one room apartment is enough for you, then you will enjoy the various facilities with very nice surrounding and setting. If you need a roomier space, you can choose the two bedrooms type or even the three bedrooms option – especially if you have kids.